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Flirt4free classic

They have become entirely too aggressive for my taste and their commission is not even high!There is no way to give ALL sites a TON of attention at once beyond the one you are primarily making money on. I guess a ton of girls will get dropped then, because nearly all the girls I know splitcam.On some sites I'll hardly look until I hear the private sound.I've been signed up and ready to stream on F4F for about 3 weeks. I've been joined up and ready to go for over a month and obviously sent the same email about how I should give them a go and I can split cam to other sites - and how their customers are high end spenders, so 26.66% of big per minute fees is good money for us. It was really hilarious to hear about how your commission goes up from 26.66% to a massive 27.0% if you earn more than 00 for the pay period. Mind you flirt4free was the 1st cam site I ever worked years ago, they were different back then........

they didn't even allowed music playing in the background due to copyrights or even wearing clothing that showed a brand. Yes they still ban you for 8 hours after 3 hours of not making money.I did a search on google using flirt4free stripperweb, but I didn't see this covered. I can split cam on imlive which they dont bother me at ALL!I am going to start broadcasting on F4F tonight, so I was watching models' rooms to get a feel for the site. Their commission also is not high, but running in the background I still get random prvts between other sites.So 1 member takes you private at per min for 30 minutes . I've always bitched about SM's 35% but 26.6 is just robbery.In reality they probably wanted to pay 25% but it would have looked too crappy for a site to take 75%. I remember when i used to work on f4f from the studio, there were some crazy rules.... Are those rules from the site or your studio rules.

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Even when guys asked about going private, they didn't respond. I guess a ton of girls will get dropped then, because nearly all the girls I know splitcam. Well, I dropped MYSELF just by being annoyed with rule....