Flex combobox dataprovider not updating dating agency search

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Flex combobox dataprovider not updating

Therefore, a user can edit the prompt area of the Combo Box control to enter a value that is not one of the predefined options; the values in the Drop Down List cannot be edited.

For example, the Drop Down List control only lets the user select from a list of predefined items in the control.

When you remove focus without selecting an item, the prompt text reappears.

You set prompt text on a Combo Box control by using the The blog shows how to load an external XML file into a Combo Box.

The Combo Box control lets the user either select a predefined item, or enter a new item into the prompt area.

When the user enters a new item, the property is set to -3.

Properties data Provider="null" dropdown Factory="Class Factory that creates an mx.controls.

Like the Drop Down List control, when the user selects an item from the drop-down list in the Combo Box control, the data item appears in the prompt area of the control.

Differences between Combo Box and Drop Down List One difference between the controls is that the prompt area of the Combo Box control is implemented by using the Text Input control, instead of the Label control for the Drop Down List control.

As the user enters characters, the drop-down area of the control opens.

It then and scrolls to and highlights the closest match in the item list.

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