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Warhol also was involved in advertising as an actor himself, his work was often inspired by products and ads, then became to subject of advertising itself.A brilliant one, the Alliance Française suggests you to discover new perspectives by learning french.Created by “father of the web” Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 at the CERN research center in Switzerland, ch isn’t much to look at today.But the archetype for anything is influential by default, and that’s certainly true of this, the spark for every website that followed.And it paved the way for modern e-tailers like Etsy, which lets anyone sell their crafts or run a small business online.Amazon may be where we turn for paper towels, groceries and last minute holiday gifts, but it’s still e Bay people scan to find vintage or scarce items, from rare pairs of sneakers to sold out i Phones.

Though hounded across the globe by lawsuits, domain seizures and criminal investigations, the site somehow persists and remains a flashpoint for debate over the virtues and perils of peer-to-peer file sharing.

René Magritte is not the artist that was the most copied directly in advertising, but he is probably one of the painters who inspired the world of advertising the most in terms of ideas.

Volkswagen put its cars in strange situations to sell their commercial vehicles.

Even harder to tell is whether the work will inspire others.

The japanese ukiyo-e master was often copied, but it was more in popular culture than in advertising.

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But that quickly shifted to helping people make screened and interests-matched interpersonal connections, culminating in a service that today operates in 25 countries and boasts tens of millions of members.

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