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The rickshaw driver was an adult man in mid 30’s with unshaven face and a muslim skull cap on his head, no doubt he was a Muslim. I answered him and he looked at my face and my wet body, then said – “I was going home but never mind I can drop you to your home.” He was a bit creepy but I was shot of options so I sat inside the rickshaw. I saw him adjusting the rickshaw mirror so that he could see me. He stopped the rickshaw outside a small house and got out. I was angry “what the fuck is this.” Driver- “Don’t shout baby why are you so eager to go home spend some time with me also.He was constantly looking in the mirror every now and then and was doing it openly with no fear. See this is my house come inside I will treat you like my guest.” Oh fuck off I am leaving now, I said.Grabbing both my hands he started sucking my lips and said, “you are hindu women huh.

I never imagined to let such a wicked anti-hindu muslim man to even come close to me but looks like it was in my fate to get fucked by such a man. For the first time i felt the pleasure of a real cock and manhood inside me. I got fucked by him in different angles all night long. That night he filled my pussy with his cock juice 4 times. In the morning he took my mobile number and let me go.I couldn’t do anything as I was completely overpowered by him.Driver- Now shout no one is going to listen to you even if anyone does no one is gonna stop me. The neighborhood is filled with fearless and hungry men like me.Now decide for yourself do you want to get fucked by the whole neighborhood ? Let me tell you today I ate beef holy cow in the dinner so my cock is even hotter today with more testosterone in by blood. He came close and started touching my back I tried to resist but all my efforts were of no use.He started kissing and sucking my sexy back from outside the deep back blouse.


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