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Eminem dido dating

This song deals with really heavy stuff - it's really interesting to see Eminems thoughts on the mind of someone who's suicidal.

Eminem very cleverly uses sound effects and the editing of his voice (for the verse in the car and rain and stuff) in this song.

Eminem did an underground song with Skam called Old world Order.

This song is about Stan "the Man" Musial, the great baseball player for the St. When eminem was growing up he had a Topps baseball card of Musial.

Hewrote to Stan Musial to try to get another card, but never got a reply. Wow, based on the comments, this song is pretty popular, and I have to say I love it.

("I ain't mad that you haven't wrote back / "I just it's f--k ED UP that you don't answer fans") He's even so addicted to Eminem he loves him. Granted, he does respect his family ("My little brother Matthew, you're like his idol, man"), and seems to really blame the rapper ("We waited four hours in the blistering cold for an autograph, and you said no.") for someone else's mistakes.It's actually kind of amazing, really.'Stan' did indeed make UK #1 (for one week in December 2000, after which it was displaced by BTB) - as it did in ten other countries. songs like this were written straight from the heart and get under the skin if its goood gooooooood song.In the US, restricted airplay meant that the cut didn't even make the Top 40. i heard the original dido song playing on the radio, so after the part in this song came on, i turned off the radio and rapped the rest.I hope your conscience eats at you and you can't breathe without me. At first when i heard it i thought it was Dido and Eminem talking 2 each other then when i saw the video i understood everything...I thought i was the only one who chose this song as a favorite but, I was wrong.

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my seven year old sister and her friends were AMAZAED at my freestylin skills. 9/10Eminemis hands down the best rapper who ever lived. Its insanely genius, everytime i hear this song, i feel it in my bones.

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