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It examines and compares the behavior of various measures of broad activity: real GDP measured on the product and income sides, economy-wide employment, and real income.The Committee also may consider indicators that do not cover the entire economy, such as real sales and the Federal Reserve's index of industrial production (IP).During a recession, a significant decline in economic activity spreads across the economy and can last from a few months to more than a year.Similarly, during an expansion, economic activity rises substantially, spreads across the economy, and usually lasts for several years.Of couples who meet online, the vast majority are meeting on social networking sites, chatrooms, through commenting on blogs and the like."Before the internet, when we had a really small market, we couldn't afford to be very picky about who our partners were," Adshade says.

The internet and the marriage market Divorce rates in the UK have been falling for almost 10 years, having peaked around 2003-2004.For the interview with Paul, I experimented with a video interview for the first time.I must apologize for the unintended echo effect in parts of the audio (it is fascinating what you don’t hear live that you hear in a recording, will wear my audiophile headphones and noise canceling microphone next time for sure). Please enjoy the interview and please give the book a read."People often behave in ways that we don't anticipate."Dirty Money has no interest in discussing right or wrong behaviour; Adshade focuses solely on how people actually behave as opposed to how they should behave.Hard times mean less teenage sex We tend to have the perception that teenagers are more sexually active than they were in the past but, according to research, that's really not true.

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Paul Oyer, Professor of Economics in the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, has written an extremely thought provoking book entitled Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Economics I Learned From Online Dating available on Harvard Business Review Press.

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