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Deb would later come to accept what had happened and told Grayson that she saw no problem about the two kissing, although Kim had decided already to tell Grayson that she did not want to start a relationship with him.

She also was the one who warned her guardian angel Fred about falling for her best friend Stacy that would lead to memories of his existence being erased. When Jane's mother came to town to visit, Deb did her best to handle it, realizing the distance the mother and daughter had and deciding that if she couldn't be with her own mother again, she could at least have Jane's.

When her mother comes to the firm to get a divorce, Deb assumes that it's because of her death but soon discovers her parents were unhappy for years and just staying together for Deb's sake.

She handles that but is later jarred when her birthday comes along and she discovers Jane is eight years older.

Meanwhile Jane gets a call that Grayson is in jail, which Stacy thinks it’s awesome because that means Grayson didn’t stand Jane up on purpose.

Jane visits Grayson and he apologizes for ruining their date.

On a side note, Jane and Grayson are preparing for their first date. It turns out Liam’s termination is valid, so it looks like Jane has her work cut out for her.

Liam finds out he has Parkinson Disease, a diagnosis which was kept from him.

Desperate to get rid of Belinda after the latter has made several annoying interferences, Jane decides to have coffee with Kim where she uses her powers of persuasion to get Kim off her long maternity leave and come back to the firm.

The advertisement, ironically, ends up being the building owner’s downfall and the judge declares the building a historic landmark and prohibits the owner from evicting the residents.

The owner wants everyone to move out of the building.

To win the case, he’ll have to prove the graffiti on the building is really art.

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  1. Ivar meets a young lady who will help him to succeed in his destiny. So deciding to return to the person she was she agrees. Bella Swan, doppelganger, ends up being the missing piece to Klaus's ritual.