Disablty dating

Posted by / 24-Mar-2020 14:30

“I knew they didn’t find me attractive,” “Is he sleeping with me out of pity? ” were the golden nuggets of my self- doubt treasure chest.

Motivated by his experiences the Dunedin man has created a dating website aimed at helping those in the disability community find love.

READ MORE: * Sex without love is complicated * I've finally worked out I'm asexual * A new, dangerous kind of cheating"Especially now I'm getting towards my late 20s it is important to me I find someone serious, someone who wants share my goals and supports me for who I am."The Otago Polytechnic business and marketing graduate, has spent two years developing the site and says it's the first of its kind in New Zealand.

He is in a wheelchair and knows how difficult it can be to meet others through conventional dating websites."We aim to provide a safe environment for individuals to meet new friends and form new connections and relationships."He has already received "tonnes of interest" from people around New Zealand and predicts it will be a gamechanger for people like himself.

I’ve got a date tonight with someone who doesn’t have the conversational skills of a peanut and has yet to send me a dick pic, score! Being asked out usually requires 3-5 business days of careful strategy that is outfit planning.

I’ll venture into the traditional pre-date glow up by pretending to follow a makeup tutorial with enough highlighter to cause the same effect on the eye as an eclipse.

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And then there’s dating with a disability — all of those nerves and anxiety that a fully abled body experiences are amplified tenfold.