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Desi sex room free chat no register

He laughs a lil and tells me to make him so i try and wiggle trying to free myself from under him which did nothing to help me out of my situation.Then i realize his rock hard cock pressing against my ass crack, I freeze not sure what to do or whats about to happen.He laughs and tells me that hes been watching me for the past couple days and that i have a beautiful ass and he was wondering what it would look like with his cock in it at this point i scream and struggle with all i had to get away from him.

I struggled under him and told him to knock it off he got me.It was turning me on before i knew it i had a hard on and he noticed and began to laugh.I start moaning and trying to work his cock with my ass as best as i could and doing what my girlfriend did to me when i fucked her.I hit the table rather hard and bent over in a weird way i laugh thinking it was we'll call him "john" fucking around with me.So i start to push myself back up and i feel him press against my ass and lean down on top of me and grab my arms.

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Well i started on the far side of the room which was the medical side and was working my way around the table, when i get shoved from the back towards the exam table.

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