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AOL chat rooms are not to be used by those under the age of 13.

"He's totally ruined her life, “ Elaine Rebochak said of her 11-year-old daughter, Nicole Marie.“While you gain some benefit from being in a pickup truck or utility vehicle in two-vehicle Please see CARS, A4 michaìl clay/the tribune-democrai Cambria seeking input to map county’s future BY KATHY MELLOH TRIBUNE-DEMOCRAT MAINLINE BUREAU EBENSBURG - More than 300 elected municipal officials will soon receive surveys as Cambria County officials begin charting a course for a regionalized future.The county planning commission is seeking input in six separate areas of countywide development, including a request for help in developing regionalized services.You must use your AOL e-mail user name and password to access these services. These include rooms dedicated to celebrity gossip, international topics, pets, computing, singles and rooms for specific cities.Etiquette for AOL chat rooms includes not using abusive language, not advocating violence and not inciting illegal activity.

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