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It also assumes that the monthly flat rate for a Citibank Card Debt Consolidation Loan is 0.28% and the APR is 6.48%, based on a 60 month repayment term.Interest is calculated on the basis of 365 days per year.Because of the collateral, companies are willing to offer lower interest rates with a secured loan.You'll have to decide whether lower interest rates are worth the risk of losing your home or car.Going through a bank is often the best way to get a consolidation loan [source: Wilmington Trust].

Debt Consolidation Loans might seem attractive at first, but they can seriously affect you in the long run.Knowing all your options is important before making a major financial decision.You don't want to entangle yourself in an agreement only to find out you have sunk deeper into debt.Instant approval result is applicable to selected applications via our website during 8am to 1am on Monday to Friday, 9am to 1am on Saturday and noon to 1am on Sunday & Public Holidays.Citibank reserves the right of final approval decision.

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To avoid hurting your credit when you close accounts, ask the company to report the account as being closed at your request [source: Dunleavey].