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Dating young women

In addition to humor, women are also very attracted to power.This is one of the most fundamental facts of nature. Suggest a couple of places and if she can’t pick one, you decide.Women want a man who leads, is fearless, decisive and willing to take charge. Follow the same pattern for ordering food, selecting what music to play or whatever it might be.Never allow choosing a restaurant to become one of those “Where do you want to go? She will learn to speak up when she wants to get her way.You want to have all of those solid qualities that come with maturity, but you also want her to forget about the age difference. Make light of some of her youthful expressions, ask her if she has a Justin Bieber poster on her wall when she starts bouncing to the music — just have fun and be playful with your younger woman.Laughter is something women rate very highly, so don’t be an old fuddy-duddy.You want to show her you care and remind her that you are available to her, but you don’t want to cramp her style or intrude too far into her personal life.You might run the show with her, but you have no business running her family, and you shouldn’t try to monopolize too much of her time.

Don’t be running and snapping to assist her like a servant, but try to do everything a gentleman would surely try do for his lady.

Chances are, you’ve got everything on her list in spades.

You know how to treat a lady, you have the old-fashioned values she can appreciate, you’re stable, financially secure, and you love being with her more than anything else in life.

And an older man has the ability to offer them the kind of security, stability, knowledge and trustworthiness that younger men often lack — not to mention the keen appreciation he has for her companionship and the doting attention he will pay to her. A romance with a younger woman may be well worth pursuing, but if you’re going to jump into that arena, you need to understand what you’re getting into and know how to date her successfully.

Maybe you’ve already met a younger woman, or perhaps you’re still scanning the online sites to find a girl who might be interested in an older guy.

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