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Using my simple everyday seduction strategy you will have her desperately begging for sex within minutes of meeting her - I GUARANTEE THAT! After some training on the first day, that same night on the field, another student and I got laid (on the same night!!! I went up to several groups of women and I was able to strike up engaging conversations (my biggest hurdle). One was super hot, one was hot and the other was OK.I have used this information to help clients from all walks of life and got them mind-blowing success with women. I also knew I could not dig out of this hole on my own. I bought some books, read some website but then I ran into Magic’s Attraction methods. The real magic started happening about a week later. One of the nights on the business trip, I went out by myself. Using all of the attraction methods, the girls stayed with me the whole night. We ended up back at their room (they shared a room) having sex all night!!!We'll come up with a rock solid strategy to bypass your obstacles and get you a hot girlfriend.We will explore the real reasons why women are disinterested in you and why they walk away from you and what has worked or not worked for you in the past.Here are a few examples: He was devastated, had low self-esteem and felt like a loser. On my very first weekend, as a single man, after checking out the T. At several times through out the night we did a “four-way” kiss. Meet Chris Luna one of the leading dating coach's in New York who has been interviewed by numerous TV and News papers all over the world including Cosmo, New York Times, Fox News and the list goes on.He was convinced that he was not good enough for women and the every woman he dates will end up leaving him for another man sooner or later. I trained Chris in Los Angeles and 2 days after the training he slept with a Playmate he met at the Playboy Mansion. He then went a head and started his own dating company under the name craft of Charisma I have hundreds of stories like this on my website and I publish at least one new success story a week.

This simple to execute strategy will turn you into a living SEX GOD! They will not be able to get you out of their mind and will become restless until they see you again.

They will initiate text messages and even ask you out on a date.

You will be able to talk to any woman you want, no matter where you meet her and who is accompanying her. videos (but before taking the course), I landed a beautiful young blonde 26 year old women at a bar (just a phone number on the first night). On the second night of training, I was able to do something that I’ve never been able to do.

I want to know if you currently have a process to meet women, initiate interaction, and flirt with them plus the usual outcome of your strategy.

We will modify it with my rejection proof formula so you can engage women without any fear, doubt or hesitation and hear a definite yes every single time.

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