Dating weekend dad

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Dating weekend dad

'There was a big spider and it made a web, and that was to catch a fly! As a three-year-old boy, he's interested in machines and creepy-crawlies. I mean, my God, those Fathers 4 Justice guys who dress up in superhero costumes and climb up the sides of buildings... I worry that it might be more difficult to keep these things in perspective.

The alarmingly kohled eyes and hoicked skirts of my daughter.

But then I split up with his mum and I became more worried.

I used not to worry about hygiene so much, even let him eat soil when he was a toddler. On this particular outing, we see a bee on the path.

And so I have these confused memories; they start off with 'us', which is me and her, and then 'us', which is all three of us after Billy was born, and now, for me, the 'us' is just me and him.

Of course, things didn't work out between me and Billy's mum.

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Three years ago, in his mid-40s, writer William Leith, who lives in Lewes, East Sussex, rejoiced at becoming a father at last. And lots of people I know didn't see their dads much, even when they lived at home.