Dating violence prevention posters dating all country

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Dating violence prevention posters

ampaign strategy, messaging, and poster images have been developed with and tested by college students via focus groups and listening sessions.

The Campaign's "Series A" posters represent the original series of Red Flag Campaign posters; the models were intentionally chosen to reflect racial and ethnic diversity.Focus groups to test poster text and graphics After the initial text for the posters was drafted, we held another focus group of college students in May 2006 at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.The focus group members were asked to review the poster text for clarity and to ensure that the messages on the posters were timely for college students (generally 17-22 year olds).The focus group essentially re-wrote the text for the posters!Once poster text was finalized, the research team held two more focus groups to test the poster designs and text.

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The other side of each poster is a seventh poster which explains in greater depth the hallmarks of healthy relationships, as compared to relationships in which dating violence is occurring.

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