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Collins recounts an informal taste test conducted by a New York grocer who rounded up old cans from a number of warehouses, put on a luncheon in which he served their contents side by side with those from new cans, and asked his guests to choose which version they preferred.

Among the test foods were fourteen-year-old pea soup and beef stew, and twelve-year-old corned beef and pigs’ feet.

Prescott—later the founding president of the Institute of Food Technologists—about exploding cans of clams.

, barrel-fermented herring that continues to ferment in the can, which swells with profoundly offensive gases and becomes hazardous to transport.

Fans of Cougar Gold age their cans for years, sometimes decades.

But because everything stays in the can, moisture included, the flavor and texture are unlike a true cheddar’s.

Appertization wasn’t foolproof—foods sometimes spoiled and cans exploded—but it worked well enough that European navies of the day quickly adopted canned supplies. In 1938, an English chemist reported on his analysis of several cans from a Royal Navy expedition to the Arctic in 1824; they had been brought back unopened and kept in a museum.

The scientists didn’t actually sample and describe the beef and tripe and carrots themselves, but they did report that the foods looked and smelled right and that lab rats ate them with gusto and no ill effects.

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The WSU dairy students make a regular cheddar curd and then seal it right away in cans, which are kept and sold refrigerated.

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