Dating the psalms

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Dating the psalms

With the exception of Solomon and Moses, all these additional authors were priests or Levites who were responsible for providing music for sanctuary worship during David's reign.Fifty of the psalms designate no specific person as author.The latest psalm is probably (137), a song of lament clearly written during the days when the Hebrews were being held captive by the Babylonians, from about 586 to 538 B. It is clear that the 150 individual psalms were written by many different people across a period of a thousand years in Israel's history.

The musical heritage of the psalms is demonstrated by its title.Date of Writing: A careful examination of the authorship question, as well as the subject matter covered by the psalms themselves, reveals that they span a period of many centuries.The oldest psalm in the collection is probably the prayer of Moses (90), a reflection on the frailty of man as compared to the eternity of God.The sons of Korah wrote 11 psalms (42, 44-49, 84-85,87-88).Psalm 88 is attributed to Heman, while (89) is assigned to Ethan the Ezrahite.

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Psalm 29 is almost identical to a Ugaritic poem to Ba'al, except for the name of the deity. The archaeological discovery of the Ras Shamra texts from the city of Ugarit show the similarity between Canaanite poetry and the Psalms.