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"As soon as winter is over they show their true face.

Nothing is more frustrating than the feeling of getting ripped off." Brianna, another Woo Plus member, had a similarly frustrating experience.

This actual Twitter message is a stunning example of Seasonal Dating Disorder behavior.

Woo Plus is warning its 100,000 users such shallow approaches often leave heavier ladies abandoned and heartbroken when warm weather arrives. "Sadly, at this festive time of year, we feel it necessary to put out a warning." Seasonal Dating Disorder is the practice of starting a romantic relationship during cold weather, only to abandon the new love interest as spring approaches.

Six years ago, I couldn’t get a real date to save my life.

I blamed nearly all of that on my size and used weight as a shield to deflect getting rejected.

“We value family and education.” She has since converted to Judaism.

People may search for love within the community to preserve their culture or because it’s simply more comfortable to be with a partner of the same background. Internet user Jellyfrog48, a member of a dating site for single parents, was similarly perplexed when she received an email from a member of the site who has no children. ”Responses from fellow parents on the chatroom included the cautious (“Keep your guard up a bit”), the explanatory (“He may not be able to have children”), and the obvious (“Of course, this is the Internet”).

They may not take kindly to gatecrashers.“Some people see my photo, and they send me a message saying, ‘Get the hell off this website. Uncertain whether to respond to his entreaty, she sought advice from the Internet forum Babycentre.“Weird? This kind of poaching has been happening at least since the beginning of JDate, the self-proclaimed “premier Jewish singles community online,” that launched more than 15 years ago.

Y., where only 1.5 percent of the population is black.“Meeting a nice black woman around my age in this area has about the same chances of success as throwing a rock from Times Square and having it land on the moon,” he said.

As the number of seemingly insular dating sites—from Sea Captain (“find your first mate”) to Biker (“two wheels, two hearts, one road”)—continues to climb, so does the number of interlopers.

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/PRNewswire/ -- Plus-size women are more likely to attract male attention in cold weather months, possibly courting springtime heartbreak, according to a new survey by a leading plus-size dating app which blames recently-acknowledged "Seasonal Dating Disorder." Woo Plus noted a 30-percent surge in male subscribers in early November, leading executives to survey their female clients about winter dating.