Dating site passwords stolen

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Hawaii, California, and many other states have these laws. I found out when I logged in and my password was changed.If you haven't been notified start a class action lawsuit if you feel the need and hold the those parties responsible.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...I'm just saying that, on a regular basis, large financial websites & databases are compromised by hackers, so it isn't completely surprising that someone was able to hack this site. and I just got my New Matches for February 2..."Hello Quasar DJ,your password is xxxxxxxx,"...except, of course the xxxxxxxx was my actual password... Since this is a Canadian site, I sincerely hope the owner gets in trouble with the Canadian Privacy Commissioner for failing to take adequate safeguards to protect user privacy.However, very simple steps could be taken to encrypt the data within the database that would greatly negate the effects of being compromised... Most states in the US have senate bills or laws which mandate that companies notify users if their personally identifiable information has been compromised.Hack a site and then try and get site to send you money to either fix hole or make sure that the hack does not go for below: Provided they use common sense and are not using the same user name and password for their email account as they did their POF account,and that email account does not contain any banking information probably not a hill of beans.Yes, I read some of the articles online about the extortion, of not only Po F, but seemingly others as well. But to those 345 users whose accounts were hacked, what harm would this extortion attempt mean to them, personally? Provided they use common sense Well, the site owners haven't been using common sense in the design of the site, why are you holding the users to a higher standard?

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we have plenty of existing security/password related threads.

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