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Everything from "what TV family your family most resembles" to "what substance you prefer to dip your candy bar into, peanut butter or milk." And if you are a descendant of a royal bloodline, you may wish to include a coat of arms. – you're ready to be discovered for a date on the heavenly web.

The field can even be narrowed down to those who share your interests.

We never dated, we just hung out and sold our stuff.

We bumped into each other at the Starbucks on campus, said hi and kept it moving.

When you learn to take it easy with your goals, you’ll end up meeting them more quickly. Be completely honest about what turns you on and be light hearted about your quest for true love. You don’t win when you knock the other person out, you win when you become aware that your happiness matters most. I was so excited because I love learning about healing methods so I decided to drop in.

The number one way to meet your soul mate without dating is to fully assess your main interests and pursue them. Visit a business networking event and pass out your business cards? If you truly acknowledge your most treasured passions and pursue them without abandon, on your road to your complete bliss and success you’ll meet someone who loves living life the way you do and will honor you for making your dream life come true. I learned a lot that evening and even worked up the courage to go speak with the instructor about his methods and background.

Then one day out of the blue a friend invited me to church.

I am not the religious type but I went out of respect for her.

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  2. When blood sugar gets perilously low, though (due to too much insulin, not eating enough, and other factors) —that can kill. I guess that’s why, when my boyfriend’s blood sugar dropped on a date — just a week after our first dinner — I knew I had to act fast. A few miles in, he felt ill and checked his sugar level. Instantly, I sprinted off, with no money, to find him some soda.