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At the 1908 Isle of Man TT race, 21 of the 35 entrants used Rudge-Whitworth wheels, and only one of the finishers didn't.

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Selling re-badged Werners in 1909, the company went on to produce their first motorcycle in 1911, a single-cylinder F-head (IOE – inlet over exhaust), 500 cc bike.

In 1912 the belt drive 499 cc Rudge Multigear was released, using variable groove-depth pulleys to gain 21 forward gear ratios, and a top gear as high as 2.75:1.

If the wheel becomes loose the tendency is for the locking nut to tighten and hold the wheel securely.

The system was taken up enthusiastically by the racing fraternity where the advantage of a quick change wheel was obvious.

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