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Nile Street closes on 15th April with workers leaving the historic plant for the last time and production of the Royal Doulton, Minton and Royal Albert doilton transferred to factories of the Waterford Wedgwood group.

Orrok Sherwood Doulton's sons, Mark and Michael, both joined the company. The Royal Doulton "lion and backtsamp mark has remained more or less constant, but the royal doulton backstamp dating in which other information is presented has changed. where you add 27 to the small and hardly visable number to the right of the Doulton backstamp. It is the date that the mold from which the figure was cast was made.

Know however that this is not an exact science - the system used changed considerably over the years and some records detailing what certain letter and number combinations might have meant have been lost.

Under the right circumstances however, you can determine a lot about the figure such as its age and designer or painter.

Backstamps, also called basestamps, are the name, signature or other identifying mark usually found on the bottom of a piece. Royal Doulton figurines can often be dated by adding 27 to the very small number found just right of the Doulton backstamp. This is what you need to know: A black outline in monochrome bunnykins backstamp was used from around One of the jobs of the Club is to help you identify and date unusual items and find out other relevant information by referring to the Royal Doulton archives.The Royal they bear the unique backstamp of the Club.However, this date coding system seems to have been discontinued by the s.Although a counterfeit is rare, it's best to have an expert determine this.

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Royal Doulton is identified by a variety of documented backstamps, most of which include some combination of interlocking D's and the words "Doulton" or "Royal Doulton." Very early pieces of Royal Doulton may have backmarks reading "Pinder Bourne & Co" or the initials P. For the collector, Royal Doulton backstamps are interesting to research because it is very unusual to find an unmarked piece.

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