Dating over 35 swan mellody hobson dating george

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Dating over 35 swan

After that operation, I lost quite a bit of weight and when I got back to work several people told me how great I looked (and that was very motivating).I started caring more about my appearance, dieting and working out.I developed a love for high heels, handbags, and a few years later started wearing makeup. I upgraded from the mattress on the floor and futon in the living room, to a bed frame and real couch. I enjoyed being in my living room and lying on a bed with 600-thread count sheets. Why should you care what you look like, and what your apartment looks like?

I am still working on smiling more, seeing the best in people, listening more than speaking, and trying to see the best in everything.

Try to see the glass half full – in people and in situations.

I know I have written about being positive at work before, but a lot of those same lessons hold true in life.

I will get there eventually and trust me all of the work is well worth the effort.

While I considered myself smart as a child, I have since encountered so many people that are far more gifted and intelligent that I could ever be.

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I ended up having surgery because I had developed sleep apnea in part because my tonsils had become infected and swollen.

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