Dating older men fear of pregnancy sarah and david collegehumor dating

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Dating older men fear of pregnancy

Even though he doesn’t approve of abortion, he says he had to do it because the circumstances called for it.

However, the annoying bit about it is that he discovered later through a friend that she wasn’t pregnant.

I sent her the money and she never called again,” moans Moseti.

Even though he isn’t sure if it was true, he confesses that he had been having relations with the lady without protection and ending up with a child with a woman he wasn’t planning to marry nor had the money to co-parent with was out of the question.

She expressed fear that her father was going to skin her alive if he discovered it.

I recall a friend who borrowed urine from a pregnant pal and stored it in her bathroom,” she says.

Apparently, when the stingy boyfriend visited armed with the testing kit, she simply excused herself to the loo, where she collected her borrowed urine and voila she made Sh15,000 two days later.

The moment such women say they are pregnant, men panic and one thing that comes on their minds is: “Damn it! ” Aware of the fact that men fear being fathers, some sly women now use fake pregnancies to rob them blind.

Calvin Moseti*, a 34-year-old second hand clothes dealer, has been a victim.

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“I threatened him to pay me to get rid of my ‘pregnancy’ or I call his wife and leak to her the dossier supported by the intimate photos we had taken during our sweet times,” she laughs.