Dating my husband while separated Lets talk about sex chat

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I’ve been responsible in how I’ve behaved, but I have feelings for him.He hasn’t made a move, and I don’t think he would, but our dynamic feels like if he weren’t married we would absolutely be moving toward being together already.That’s not to say you don’t have good days ahead of you or that you’re doomed to grieve your ex forever, but you do not require his validation to feel sad (or whatever other things you feel! What you experienced—your love, your commitment, your active participation in that partnership—was not fraudulent, and therefore neither was your marriage.Give yourself permission to treat your marriage, and its end, as real things, even if he claims to believe otherwise.

She’s an adult now, and whatever mistakes you or her mother made during her childhood, while they’ll always be a part of her story, aren’t what’s causing her behavior.Should I divide the money in the name of equal treatment? How fortunate for both of your children that you have been so lucky and that you are committed to providing for both of their financial futures.You are not taking money your older son has put aside in his piggy bank over the years; you’re attempting to maintain the financial parity you established all those years ago when you saved the same percentage of their allowance.You can hope that she eventually makes better choices and refuse to financially enable her present bad decisions.You can, and should, defend your wife and other children from racist attack, even if the attack comes from your own daughter.

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Dear Prudence, Years ago, while my wife and I were separated, I foolishly slept with “Molly,” who became pregnant with my daughter “Ally.” I reconciled with my wife, and ultimately we won custody of Ally when she was 9, after Molly went through a series of boyfriends and made repeated sexual overtures toward me.