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You could also get a non-simul-class Mk IIb, in a 100 watt model (where you could shift down to 60 watts, but all four 6L6s would still be running). Sacks has written, A cool and (little-known) option with the Mk IIb (or original Mk II): While the effects loop isnt worth much as such, you can run the output of a volume pedal (without your guitar being plugged into its input) into the return jack, and get on-the-fly preamp gain control!

This is a feature that very few tube amps have ever had, even inadvrtantlyit uses the pot in the volume pedal as a pasive limiting device, such that when the pedal is wide open, it allows the preamp tubes full voltage to pass into the power section.

Mic is not responsible for the content, just the collection. This is my “summary” of the differences in the development of the Boogie from Mk I to Mk IV.

I dont know how different the sound is between a Mk IIc and a Mk IIc .

But if you like the sound of a IIc, be careful about upgrading to IIc .

The Mk IIc also featured improved circuitry in the effects loop.

This is usually found on those amps referred to as Mk IIc in vintage magazines.

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(It was later improved on the Mk IIc–see below.) MARK IIb The Mk IIb introduced an effects loop and an expanded control panel, featuring both a lead drive and a lead master dial.

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