Dating mark gudgeon

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Dating mark gudgeon

Any other species will be returned unharmed to the water.

The Environment Agency hopes to remove thousands of topmouth gudgeons from a 600-yard stretch of water.

Indirect transmission is facilitated by zoospores, which are produced once the spores are incubated in freshwater.

In this paper, we provide the first evidence that S.

Non-native species are often linked to the introduction of novel pathogens with detrimental effects on native biodiversity.

Now extreme measures are being taken to eradicate the invader species - by blowing it out of the water.

It may be less than three inches long, but this Japanese tiddler is a massive threat to British fish.

The topmouth gudgeon, which slipped into the UK among deliveries of carp destined for fish farms, carries a deadly infection which could wipe out stocks of salmon and trout.

An organic poison was used to kill the invaders after first removing the native fish.

The poison degraded allowing the native carp, bream and tench to be reintroduced.

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