Dating man only child

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Dating man only child

Indeed, a growing number of psychological ­studies show that birth positions have a strong effect on character.

Ask your partner for his/her opinion or encourage him/her to express any concerns.

Which means that knowing your ­lover’s position in a family will definitely help predict how difficult or easy it will be to get along...

The maxim that ‘opposites attract’ makes a good starting-point, because first-borns often make a good match with a last-born.

Here, in an intriguing extract, clinical psychologist Linda Blair reveals it’s not just your character that’s affected by birth order - but your career and relationships, too. You don’t know much about him yet - but there’s a powerful attraction and you’ve agreed to meet again.

If all goes well, you’ll start seeing each other regularly.

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A ­person’s character will also be affected by other events in early life - such as parents divorcing, or if there was wider abuse in the house, or constantly moving home.