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This variation in habitat usage and associated differences in population and social structure have a substantial impact on dispersal.

A particular emphasis in this review will be the comparison of commensal and feral house mice.

Movement and dispersal influences population dynamics and also allows the movement of genes and pathogens within species.

Dispersal is defined as a one-way movement of an individual from a home range to a new, non-overlapping, home range (Stenseth & Lidicker, 1992).

Studies of other subspecies will be specifically referred to as such.

First, CMR studies in house mice are hampered by low recapture rates that vary over time, between individuals, between locations and according to capture history (Crowcroft & Jeffers, 1961; Gérard, Bauchau & Smets, 1994; Drickamer ., 1999).

In this review, we will use data from field, enclosure, arena and laboratory studies, including genetic analysis, in order to establish the underlying causes and consequences of dispersal in house mice and to investigate the variation in dispersal according to individual characteristics and environmental and social conditions.

We will also assess the impact of different spatial and temporal scales of studies.

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Excursions are relatively frequent and probably allow mice to assess the quality of habitats before dispersing.