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Dating language barrier

By scrolling through you can see the world in a different view than what you experience in the news already.

allows you to explore their society and hardships that may be occurring in their country.

Today’s society is a fast pace and internet driven era.

As each year passes and we continue to develop more and more with our advances in technology, it seems we only grower further from human interaction that occurs on deeper levels.

People who receive full hugs are not strangers and this hug is not an accident or casual. This is where you may stand side to side with a person and use one arm to hug the other person as they hug you."Given that Prince Harry is commonly seen making this gesture, I believe that he doesn't even realize that he's doing it."Clearly, no matter how long you've been in the spotlight, the media attention is still hard to handle — at least for this Royal Highness.Now reading body language when hugging you really have to determine what category the other person falls into for the basic hugs out there.Yes, we're still gawking at Meghan Markle's stunning diamond ring.But we've moved on — for a minute, at least — to Prince Harry's unusual hand gesture in their engagement photos outside Kensington palace.

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Our goal at is to connect the world at a whole different level.