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Dating internet linkdomain resources com

Sociologists, engineers, physicians, artists and scientists are encouraged to design and develop meta-webliographies in their own specialization field (Such projects can also be conducted by subject specialists).The aim of the present survey is to measure the sophistication scale of Meta-tag Generators in respect of keywords and description meta-tags production ability and also in terms of keywords and description meta-tags presence on their source codes.By using Google, two searches on webliography and webography (only the singular form of words used) were made with some limitations including language (English) and field (in the title of the page) in February 2005. Google claimed that more than 990 hits were retrieved but this claim turned out to be false.Then each item was checked out to identify its subject domain.It has been composed of 12 websites including: Dividing AWES to three main parts (Table of contents, Body, Index), connecting them to each other through hyperlinks and extracting some keywords from the body to be used as a simple search mechanism are among techniques which have been designed to facilitate navigation over the site. Publishing huge amounts of information on the World Wide Web and weaknesses of Internet search engines in information retrieval (Alimohammadi, 2003; Christensen, 1999; Drott, 2002; Henshaw, 1999; Kruger, 1999; Nowick, 2002; Zhang and Dimitroff, 2005) have had library and information professionals to design and develop human compiled/edited/generated search tools over the recent years. web directories are divided into several types including portals, subject gateways, webliographies and etc.Webliographies are specially considered in this note.The discovered hits were categorized into 6 domains including Social Sciences (382 = 59 %), Applied Sciences (221 = 32 %), Medical Sciences (36 = 5 %), Arts (22 = 3 %), Pure Sciences (13 = 1 %) and Agriculture (1 = 0 %).Looking at the findings shows that social sciences are the widest domain for designing subject-oriented meta-webliographies.

Unfortunately, agriculture had just one webliography. It is likely that agricultural web directories are still in the infancy period of their development.

To carry out the research, the survey method was adopted and used.

The statistical society of the present research includes 675 webliographies that have been identified through Google.

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The Informed Librarian Online pleased to announce the launch of ILOSearch, a powerful new database index of articles from library periodicals designed to help library professionals keep up with their professional reading.

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To carry out the research, 731 Meta-tag Generators were identified through Google.

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