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, the follow-up to 2014's self-titled debut will arrive on June 16.Full details have yet to emerge, but they made the announcement by uploading the above 47-second time-lapse video showing the creation of a wall mural, which may or may not be the album artwork, as a guitar riff plays.

The memory stick revealed that the world coming to an end in five years’ time as the sun moved closer towards the Earth and would eventually obliterate the planet - a similar concept to 1961 film The Day the Earth Caught Fire.

At the time, they said that they wrote the songs by holing up in a Burbank, Calif., warehouse, where they’d “party all night and write all day.” Taking the philosophy of “Anything you’re not proud of, bin it,” they emerged with 50 songs.

The result, they said, is an album that is “way sexier, more confident sounding” than the debut.

Making its world premier as part of OWN Network’s month-long celebration in January honoring civil rights legends who paved the way, will be “Light Girls,” Bill Duke’s follow-up to his acclaimed documentary “Dark Girls,” which will air on Monday, January 19 at 9 pm ET/PT, featuring an in-depth look into colorism and the untold stories of lighter-skinned women around the globe, in contrast to “Dark Girls” and its focus on the stories of darker-skinned women.

Duke describes “Light Girls” as a study of the advantages and disadvantages of being a light-skinned woman, tackling the question: Does light skin make for an easier life?

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I spent my early childhood years regularly getting called a "grease monkey," "Blacky," and whatever else people could say to try to change your mind about loving your dark skin.

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