Dating in new york state

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Dating in new york state

plates ABD 768 and UVK 767 could have been issued the same day in 1986.Type One Liberty passenger plate issues were largely county-coded and were issued two ways: "over-the-counter" from a DMV or County office or "mail-out" in which registrants received new plates directly by mail.At times, issuing offices or counties ran short of plates and plates would be diverted to where they were needed, sometimes breaking the intended issuing order.In late 1979, the state introduced new narrower dies that were to be used on the upcoming seven-character passenger plates.

The letters I, O, and Q were not used as the second or third letter, in the second and third serial positions on the plate respectively, on Type One passenger plates.1AB 234 format, issued from around September 1988 through at least October 1991.Plus remakes of 1966–72 serials, issued upon request. Plus remakes of 1966––86 serials, issued upon request. Plus remakes of Liberty serials, issued upon request. Plus remakes of Liberty and Empire State serials, issued upon request. The entire 1973–74 allocation list is displayed below.By 1975, the DMV began to issue letter series that were not part of the original allocation.4AB 234 and 7TC 766 both could have been issued on the same day in 1989.This passenger format had left-side numbers from 2 through 9, with the number 1 not used to avoid confusion with the letter I.

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Those stamped out during 1990 start using the 90 security mark.

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