Dating in mongolia

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If you're up for it, be sure to ask for "nermel areehk" or "changa yum" if you want to try homemade Mongolian vodka.

The national drink of Mongolia is also a staple in celebrations, though it's slightly less alcoholic and more...unique.

Be aware of the eating habits, superstitions and gestures of respect, and do your best to adapt in order to have the best possible time in this beautiful country.

"You are what you eat" so to truly understand what life is like in Mongolia you have to partake in traditional food and drink.

Additionally, while this isn't necessarily a common practice any more, it's worth it to partake in a "Marmot Barbecue." Also called a boodog, it consists of paying a hunter about 10,000 tugrik (about .50 USD) to go into the desert, shoot a marmot, and bring it back to cook in a traditional way.

Poverty is obviously a problem, but if you'd like to help out, you should donate to local non-profit organizations in a particular neighbourhood or support improvement projects around the city.While this feels like it's rude, in the culture it's just part of how things are done.Neither being polite nor getting angry will change it.Known as Airag, this is a summer seasonal drink made from fermented mare's milk. At first, it feels like you're drinking milk that's gone bad, but rest assured, 3 million Mongolians can't be wrong, it is drinkable.Be sure to get a small amount or ask for a taste before you get a whole cup, drinking too much, when you're not used to it, might give you diarrhoea.

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The Mongolian diet, especially in the countryside, is very high on meat and milk.

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