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I have learned to let my expectations of “New York Minutes” go and live in the moment.

First-time American visitors to a Caribbean island may assume the best choice in apparel is shorts, a loose t-shirt, comfortable sandals, and a hat for the sun.

One such place, the idyllic, island nation of Republica Dominicana, is a Caribbean oasis populated with beautiful women, tranquil beaches, exciting cultural events, and a sizzling night life that is calling out to you to come visit, socialize, and party.

If you are contemplating Dominican Republic travel, why don’t you try meeting a Dominican girl to hook up with before you even arrange for a flight?

I would have loved to have a map when I first moved here which showed the routes of public cars, but I had to learn the public transportation system by word of mouth.At times, Dominicans are influenced by American culture (for example, some listen to music in English, watch American movies, or say Americanized versions of things like “hamburger” instead of the Spanish “hamburguesa”, or exclaim “omaigah”.)Before I moved here, I lived in a Dominican neighborhood in New York City, and I had visited the island a few times, so I was familiar with some cultural aspects.Regardless, a few things continue to stick out to me; however, the longer I live here, the more I understand.For social plans, this means that parties start much later than anticipated and meet-up times are flexible.People say “ahorita”, which literally means “little now” or as I would to think “right now.”In reality, ahorita can mean anything from the past tense use of the word with “within the past hour,” but can also mean the immediate future but can range from five minutes to half an hour to three hours, or even never.

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In reality, Dominicans choose fashion over comfort.

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