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She immediately grimaced and shouted, "I didn't say that! Chase Smapson's chance at becoming a millionaire went down in flames after the first question.He incorrectly said surge protectors protect possessions from unexpected surges of water flow, instead of electric current.“What was the strangest place you’ve ever made whoopee?” was one of host Bob Eubanks’ favorite questions, almost always prompting at least one (unintentionally) hilarious response.Over the years this question featured in one of the most hotly-debated items in urban legendry: whether a contestant responded to this question with the answer, “That’d be up the butt, Bob.” Legions of television viewers swore they saw this event, and opposing legions of pundits insisted that the whole thing was merely a joke and no such exchange ever took place on a broadcast Newlywed Game episode.

"She answered: "That'd be the butt, Bob."This is a story which, for many years, was thought to be completely false, not least because one of the sources best placed to confirm or deny its accuracy, At one point Eubanks even offered ,000 to anyone who could prove that the incident took place.

The fail immediately followed the college-age contestant's admission that he didn't sleep a wink after flying in at 3 a.m. 6) "Family Feud" contestant gives series of ridiculous answers during Fast Money round This scatter-brained man couldn't think on his feet.

He says a frog is an animal with three letters in its name, and that it snows in summer.

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When brilliant brains clash for cash on game shows, hilarity ensues.

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8) Naughty 'schlong' answer to a question on 'Family Feud' leaves contestants flabbergasted When host Steve Harvey asked, "What might an airplane pilot be holding on a long flight?

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