Dating game 6

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Taako casts True Seeing on Magnus, who can now see that the Red Robe is the entity assisting them in the game.He also sees the elves as two black-cloaked liches.He knocks out two guards, who he puts in the Pocket Workshop, and is able to speak with Robbie about his imprisonment.Robbie explains that something possessed him and caused him to break into the Director's private quarters. Magnus straps the two unconscious men into their sphere after Merle and Taako exit, but the glass ball is destroyed on its way back up by a Chimera.After fighting the beast, the adventurers meet a party of travelers, also headed towards Wonderland, who are made up of Lord Artemis Sterling, the ruler of Neverwinter, and two mercenaries named Rowan and Antonia.They travel to Wonderland together despite Artemis's objection.Once inside Wonderland the group meets two highly fashionable elves.

Merle uses Planar Ally to call both of them back to the Prime Material plane, where Taako's soul returns to his body and Magnus's is deposited into a mannequin. Merle is knocked unconscious, but Cam works with the Red Robe to sacrifice his life to revive him.

The group confronts the elves and they do battle after explaining that they became Necromancers in an attempt to save their younger brother, Keats, from illness.

They were unsuccessful, but grew to enjoy their new undead powers, finding that they were able to first maintain their sanity by the love of their brother, and then later by the suffering that they extracted from players in Wonderland.

They also meet Cam, a former player who is now a disembodied head, kept alive by Wonderland.

He explains that they are stuck in a never ending loop and that Wonderland only exists to make them suffer.

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They see signs advertising prizes within: The Animus Bell for the party, Miracle Milk for Artemis, Carmine's Collar for Rowan, and the Heart of the Forest for Antonia.