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We're very conscious of that."The street was blocked off and had been cleared of newer-model cars.

Parked in their place were a handful of '80s vintage models, including the Datsun, a Chrysler compact and a Mercury wood-paneled station wagon.

When Barack Obama travels anywhere in 2015, the journey requires a motorcade filled with armor-plated limousines and black SUVs When a young law student by the same name drove around in 1989, the lead vehicle was a tiny yellow Datsun that might have been followed by a Pontiac Fiero or a Chevrolet...

(Dan Moran)The president cuts in with an eager, dorky rejoinder: "Art! " Michelle is really the one telling the story in that video, with Barack adding commentary ("It got a little romantic! Certain things are known about that first date: The pair had lunch together in the courtyard of the Art Institute.

Despite its age and less-than-pristine condition, it had yet to break down, Tanne said. It was originally purple, so we had to paint it yellow" — because Obama's Datsun was yellow. One of our grips has experience with cars so he tuned it up, cleaned it out, got it up and running. I would classify it as a romance, not in 'The Notebook' sense but a slice-of-life, naturalistic kind of story.

It's a Harold's Chicken and they closed for two weeks — not for us, just for the summer; the owner said, 'I'm tired, I'm taking time off" — so we transformed it into an ice cream place.

Baskin-Robbins gave us permission to use their logo.

I've come to the conclusion that Michelle is far more intelligent than Barack and that just informed the dynamic here — the idea of not making it easy for him."It was a classic boy-has-to-woo-girl, and he by the end of that first date.

So the structure was already there: They're at odds in the beginning and he wins her over by the end.

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