Dating doctors lawyers speed dating milford ct

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Dating doctors lawyers

He “knew he loved me before he met me”, as I not only fit his written description, but exceeded what he envisioned in his heart and mind.

We talked daily on the phone to get to know each other, as he was in Florida and I in Indiana.

He says that less exclusive sites don't make for compatible matches.

"You're going to run into a lot of potential partners who probably won't be suitable: he says.

When I first start with millionaire match I had no expectations.The questionnaire determines whether or not a prospective candidate likes to spend a lot of time with family, wants to have kids and plans to travel.Presumably, it does not inquire about whether he or she likes sitting around a backyard in Oshawa. She says that couples from similar socioeconomic backgrounds often have an easier time.We actually got to know each other much better by talking hours via phone than if we had had the typical 1-2 dinner dates / week.We met in person and courted (he’s very chivalrous).

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Finding love isn't easy, but aims to make finding a match easier for a certain subsection of the population — doctors, lawyers, chief executives and other accomplished professionals who make at least $70,000 a year.