Dating direct viet

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Dating direct viet

High account ownership numbers are mostly a legacy of past glory.A locally-grown social network developed by VNG Corporation, Zing Me was more popular than Facebook in Vietnam until 2012, when Facebook’s popularity exploded.This application can be called chat roulette USA as here every interlocutor chosen randomly.This fact adds some intrigue in communication and interest in who would be the next.Even so, it’s significantly lower in Vietnam than it is in other Southeast Asia countries and generally not very popular.

This creates big opportunities for digital marketers that want to help brands succeed online, but Vietnam’s social media landscape has some nuances that must be considered.

Like almost everywhere else in the world, Facebook is the dominant social network in Vietnam today.

94% of Vietnamese internet users have a Facebook account and more than half use it actively (at least once per month).

Since then, account ownership in Zing Me remained high, but relatively few active accounts still exist.

Zing Me still manages to attract users today because it connects with other popular Zing-branded sites that provide games, music and other entertainment applications that are popular with younger users, particularly those ages 14-21.

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Most use it to subscribe to the accounts of celebrities in Korea, the United States, Europe and elsewhere.

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