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If you want some fun fiction, with a little bit of cheesy-teenage romance, you’ll love it.

It’s loaded with jaw-dropping facts about the problem of America’s consumption.

I’ve heard these things before, but it’s finally making sense.

In Dating Delilah, Pastor Judah says, “Guys, has the woman you are considering marrying put her life on hold in search of a man who can bring her definition and direction? I knew that Chelsea was going to change the world whether I married her or not and I wanted to join her team. My plan for my future can’t be, “I want to get married and be a missionary.” Yes, I would love for that to happen, but I need to be seeking what God wants me to do, and not let my future be dependent on getting married. But my point is, I need to be ok with that if it’s God’s plan.

It was written as a conversation, from the perspective of Judah Smith, a guy trying to live a pure life, who happened to be a youth pastor.

At the age of 13, Judah, a pastor's kid and Christian, realized he wasn't gonna win the war against his sin nature.

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I need to be ok with whatever God is leading me into without being dependent on having someone else there.

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