Dating attitude Campinay

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Dating attitude

But then again, this is effects on your performance?

That there is a literal and calculable change in your success rates?

but it’s 100% accurate, and one that’s been borne out by science.

Everything is pointless, nothing is going to fix them, they’ve done all this work for nothing, people suck, so forth and so on.

Small wonder that they’re not having any luck in dating…

Small wonder that negativity is a self-fulfilling prophecy; it takes a heavy amount of emotional investment to want to stick around someone that negative and prickly.

Most strangers aren’t going to want to expend the time and emotional energy it takes to break through that shell.

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If you want to get good at something, you have to work at it – and that’s going to take This is part of the appeal of Pick-Up Artists: why spend time incrementally improving yourself as a person when you can slap a few gimmicks together and promise mastery within 30 days?