Dating after breast cancer

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Is raising the topic the equivalent of the herpes conversation?Bobbi, you are so good at framing how to consider things.Also like you, they have perspective on what really matters and what doesn’t in life.Sure, this isn’t true of every man you might meet; but if your picker is pretty well honed to finding ‘grownup guys’, it will be true. And please also allow yourself to stop framing who you are based on your chest area.(Which really sucks.) Dating after cancer can definitely be a challenge, and “S” asks some great questions. I lost a breast to cancer and I am afraid I am no longer sexy naked (you can’t tell clothed, because I wear a prosthetic).

Her sharp wit, fierce independence and wicked humor couldn’t be more on target for Singular magazine.I even had one guy try to run his fingers through my hair at the end of the date to tell me how pretty it was.“Next time I see you, I’ll tell you a secret about my hair,” I told him as I jumped out of the car, sensing a bit of confusion on his part. As for specifics about the “how to tell him” question?A lot of times, I’ll start by asking the guy if he’s Googled me, since I’ve written about my breast cancer in some pretty high profile places (sometimes I wonder if I’m trying to tell every single guy in the country at once so I won’t have to go through the reveal date by date).Undergoing a double mastectomy in 2011, Diane is now also a voice for single women dealing with breast cancer.At her blog, Diane reveals, with painful honesty, the challenges of coping with her diagnosis, her treatment and her recovery. I got a great question from one of my readers named Vanessa the other day about a subject that’s near and dear to my (dark, dysfunctional) heart: dating after breast cancer.“When you start dating someone,” she asked, “how do you tell the person? Any advice is greatly appreciated.”As it turns out, I was just interviewed by Judy Mc Guire (aka the Date Girl columnist for the , and have also written a funny dating manual “How to Date in a Post-Dating World,” is why one of my BC buddies on Twitter started referring to me as the “Carrie Bradshaw of breast cancer.”Jeez, now that I think of it, I even have my own Mr. But back to Vanessa’s question about the hows and the whens of telling a date about your breast cancer.

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FYI, I’m also trying to “pass” with regard to age — I’m actually 53.