Dating a southern man

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Dating a southern man

Other than that, you're out of luck and of those cities mentioned, none are like the sophisticated behemoths that the North has to offer foreigners.

Now, it's not fair that I (in particular) write this article, but honestly if there is a Southern Woman who wants to counter this opine I welcome her perspective.

If you live in a big city (and there aren't a whole lot of them down there) you'll fare better with having a more anonymous buffer between you and the general population.

You ended up in the south because as we might only be able to guess; you're a mail-order bride and have no idea where Alabama is, you're going there to work because your boss wants to open up an office in some cheap dirt-water town, or you just think the word Mississippi sounds nice to spell. This area is comprised of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, (Virginia is mostly considered Mid-Atlantic but is officially in the south because it was once slave state), Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi (Oklahoma, and Texas are much more like the American West and really aren't like southern states either). It's in the South." - the answer is "Yes, but it isn't like the south".

Every last one of them that I have ever met talk about Jesus in casual conversation, swear to his supernatural experiences as a Christian, and have all been "saved" through being "born again".

You'd better look up these phrases because if it's a Southern Christian Man (and that's the only kind of man really in the South) you'd better be prepared to talk the Jesus talk and walk the Jesus walk.

They do things differently down in Dixie—and we can all learn from that: "In the South there is more of a traditional approach to dating in terms of conversation.

For example, in the South you discuss money, religion, or politics.

You WILL want to know this information because if you choose to live in the south or marry someone from the south, you'd better get ready for a whole lot of ugly dysfunction that is still trying to work itself out.

Keep the décolletage to a minimum: "I think women should wear something demure on a first date. And you know, I'm telling my age, but I would wear a beautifully cut simple dress with pearls.

You don't want a lot of bosom showing, you don't want to wear a miniskirt. And I wouldn't try to look like the Whore of Babylon.7.

Seriously...otherwise they will tell you to your face that you are going to hell and they'd rather not walk that path with you unless you'd be willing to be "saved from the pit-fires of Satan".

Never mind for one moment that if they could ever meet the ACTUAL HISTORICAL JESUS they would be flabbergasted at his radical, almost hippie-like ideals presented in a very "not southern" way with tables being overturned and flinging the Easter ham out the window (Jesus was a kosher Jew let us not forget), they have turned him into someone else entirely and it is a part of their very existence.

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That being said, if you still are interested in a Southern Man and can handle the kind of Christianity like you've never experienced in your corner of the world, then you're in for a real treat. You'll never meet another man who takes his manhood as seriously, is afraid of being gay or even knowing a gay man, and who can do all sorts of very manly things that you've never seen before like hunt a wild boar and gut it before your very eyes, build a house, grill a deer, and have time to wipe the sweat off their burly chests to give you some proper loving.

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