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However, the undisturbed tomb from Arzhan 2 represents the most luxuriant Siberian grave of the early Scythian period with regards to the number and combination of artefacts, as well as to the variety of different styles present, allowing one to distinguish different workshop traditions.The grave goods provide evidence of the high quality of the gold work in both aesthetical and technical terms (Armbruster, 2010).Finally, iron weapons decorated with gold and silver inlay, such as daggers, knives, arrow-heads and a battle-axe form yet another category of these precious grave goods.The majority are decorated in the Scythian animal style.La compétence technique et l’équipement à la disposition de l’artisan à l’Âge du Fer ancien peuvent être déduits des traces d’outils et de l’analyse des structures de surface.La précocité de ces trouvailles, démontrée par la combinaison de la datation radiocarbone avec la dendrochronologie, soutient l’hypothèse que ce style particulier et sophistiqué du travail du métal au début de l’époque Scythe trouverait son origine dans la région de Touva.Une sépulture princière, datée du début de la période Scythe, a été fouillée en 2002-2003 dans la République de Touva, Sibérie, dans le cadre d’un programme de recherche germano-Russe.

They must have consisted of a set of specialised tools and furnaces fanned with bellows in order to achieve a temperature of about 1000 °C, necessary for the melting of gold with a low silver or copper content.Gold also embellished the head-dress and boots, while a large number of appliqués covered the dress.The man’s upper garment, clearly a cape, was adorned by about 2500 small cast panther figures, while the woman’s cape was covered by much lighter, but aesthetically identical, panther figures worked in pressed sheet.A general problem related to the scientific study of early Scythian gold lies in the fact that precious metal artefacts are not known from hoards or settlement sites, but exclusively from funerary contexts, or as isolated objects, presumably from looted tombs.Scythian gold work from Siberia is particularly well known due to the Siberian collection of Peter the Great, on display in the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg (Schiltz, 1994; Popescu centuries BC, such as the splendid rolled panther from Kélermes, or other animal figures, like the deer from Kostromslaïa (Busch, 1993; Popescu, 2001).

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That is why our knowledge of techniques is based above all on the study of archaeological artefacts with the help of analogies, experiments and material sciences.

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