Dating a schizoid discreet online adult dating

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Dating a schizoid

These solitary individuals quite possibly sufferred from Schizoid Personality Disorder.

Social psychologists believe that group behavior is the motivation behind human actions.

These men chose to abandon civilization and interpersonal connections and left all contact with the social world behind them.

I'd always done the breaking, because I had no sort of sentimentality or emotional tie-ups a lot of people experience, and felt like I didn't want them tagging along with me forever, even though I like and love them as individuals. It hurts me cause she is best girl I have ever been with and she has admitted to me that I have treated her like no other guy has.I wish that I could have relationships with people but I don't know how. I don't know.."butterfly" feelings usually depicted, or emotional attachments. I love him for how he shows his love, and he for the way I do. We didn't get engaged for five years because I was so hung up on this nagging feeling and question (even before knowing what schizoid personality was). But, it came down to: Do I want to live my life without this person? I want to spend forever with him, and I care for him, and would do anything. The problem is that later on, he/she may get nervous being around the object of affection too much and will want to be alone. I don't even understand why people complain about being alone. I have been with my husband for a total of about six years. I have read that some people with Schizoid PD do get into relationships or marriages sometimes, so I'm trying to understand this condition better. it suits her fine due to her occupation which involves a lot of work at home. I think the guy I dated may have Schizoid PD or at least a lot of the same traits. I do require space and lots of alone time though and my wife respects that...

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They have difficulty expressing anger, even when they are provoked.

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