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We've got a group of real people with real bodies and they're just all comfortable in their own skins.Were there ever judgmental moments — the girls making snap decisions about their dates' equipment, maybe? But mostly people were really respectful because they were in the same boat.For the most part, everyone was super game, but when it comes down to it, yes, sometimes it can be hard for someone.They start overthinking, like, I don't think I could do it, journey of self-discovery or not. I'm like, "It's no big deal, really." I take very good care of myself so I'm not afraid of showing anyone my body — but yes, I might feel the opposite when I actually had to strip down.

I felt the girl that it happened to handled it well.

I'd probably be really giggly and awkward, like a lot of people on the show.

I noticed they kind of overcompensate with personality; a lot of them just made fun of it and started doing cartwheels or something zany just to get it out of the way. The trailer features a lot of buff young singles, as you'd expect from a reality TV dating show.

When you're naked, you don't have to play that game.

It's just there, so it becomes less about the sexuality and more about the person. excited, and that happened on a couple of the dates; there's a yoga date and she's in a pose basically on top of him, and he was excited.

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