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You can assign categories to the newly created contacts and you can choose any folder as the contact destination, either in your personal mailbox or in public folders on Microsoft Exchange server.

When adding a contact, Add Contacts checks the folder for possible duplicates.

You can use the DHTML Page designer to create a new HTML page or modify an existing page.

Add Email Address is an Outlook add-in that puts people you reply to in Contacts.

It can also scan your Inbox and create contacts out of all those email addresses.

This is a collection of tools useful for updating your Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder.

Among this list are tools that "grab" contact data from emails or web pages and create a contact for you.

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Click the Advanced tab, and then set the Cursor Location property to Use server-side cursors, the Cursor Type property to Keyset, and the Lock Type property to Optimistic.

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