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Radcliffe wore a plain blue T-shirt and shorts while his comprehensive school-educated girlfriend – known to friends as Rose – opted for black leggings, a lilac vest and a pair of flip-flops. A former acquaintance recalled: ‘Rosanne was very sporty at school.She was on the netball team and was very popular and had a lot of friends.Rosanne parents are Malcolm and Gillian Cocker own a painting an decorating business which her father takes more credit for her mum is a birthday cards designer.

She was just a really nice person.’ Last month, Radcliffe told U. chat show host Larry King that he had fallen in love.

Coker who just said her son in-law is a great lad and he is happy as long as his daughter is.

Roseanne and the famous Harry Potter actor have been dating for a year and they moved in together, so love is in the air from London to NY living together Recently her beau commented that he was in a relationship and je was very much in love, so I guess we will be seeing more of his new girlfriend Rosanne Coker, who might not be so new after all they have been dating for a year now do you know some else about her??

First met in 2007 when she began work as a production assistant on the Harry Potter films. He admitted disliking the dating game and struggled to 'woo' Ms Coker.

Their relationship ended when Daniel met Erin Darke on the set of Kill Your Darlings.

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