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They love each other like crazy, literally, like crazy.

"Let me put a television show on for you so I can lie down for just a minute right here next to you." I immediately began to sink back into a haze between awake and asleep when I heard him again. His brother who he fights with and gets grounded over every single day.

I have been up since this morning, when little kid climbed into my bed complaining of an earache. Ashley to go to another room and get some sleep around 3am, when I went outside to our detached laundry room in the cold night air in my tank top and underwear to throw a puke towel in the washer. I have learned my lesson about at-home biohazard clean up, I was definitely doing it wrong. I bolted upright to ask what was wrong, already scrambling for the puke bucket. He kept setting the timer for 30 minutes so he could track the time until his bubby arrived.

He thrashed around on the bed, moaning loudly, and I thought, "Well, it doesn't get much worse than this." Within moments of having that thought, he vomited down the side of my bed, on my laptop cord, and on the down comforter. That was a terrible idea, by the way, because now I have a puke washer but frankly, I am beyond caring. Around 6am I finally began drifting to sleep when little kid said, "Mom? It was a very weird day, with no sun and time moving slowly but marked with a harsh buzzer at every 30 minute mark.

30 minutes before the expected arrival he turned on me, belligerent and furious that I had lied to him about what time the bus comes because he wanted his brother right that second.

It was a huge relief when Big Kid finally got home.

Lionsire Rose Bay Lion Cider Mill Grace M Wolf 9/24/1995 brindle 11/97 M Wolf Cider Mill Garnet Ch. Enchanted Acres Doll C Silverthorn 12/21/1993 fawn 3/97OFA MF2085G24F OFEL CERF OFA MF1712G38F OFEL J Aber Cluny's Lady Samantha Am. Greco's Big Ben II Hattie D White T Mc Arthur 2/18/1995 brindle 5/97 OFA MF1656F48M R White Mc Kenzie Cragen Grande Lord Kramer Of Scottingham Jocar Grande Phoenix J Kuns 7/25/1995 apricot 3/97 S Cragen Mck My Fanny Lass Sandmark's Sir Boris Smk Scott Barry's Princess Natasha K Luna 2/18/1994 apricot 4/97 C Stevens Mck My Freddy Laddy Sandmark's Sir Boris Smk Scott Barry's Princess Natasha K Luna 2/18/1994 fawn 4/97 C Stevens Meagan's Cindy Von Benjamin Dave's Benjamin Von Conan Lady Meagan Marie P Cummings 6/27/1995 apricot 5/97 P Cummings Meaghan Of Sleepy Hollow Gannaway's Sir Mac Intosh Black Pines Peace Maker J Sheedy 3/13/1996 fawn 11/97 T Martinez Medusa Of Mega Mr Hank Turner Of Savoy Hooches Of Savoy R Baney 1/29/1996 fawn 12/97OFEL CERF B Walker Mellabee Hahne Out On A Limb Ch. Middle Earth Song Of The South J Harvey 5/14/1995 fawn 3/97OFA MF2666G24M OFEL OFA MF2162F48M OFEL CERF OFA MF1771F24F CERF N Harvey Mighty Maxwell Mufasa Ch. Sir Cedrick , CD Koala Of Sir Grizzleys L Monroe 12/11/1994 fawn 2/97OFA MF2477G24M OFEL CERF OFA MF1425G33M OFEL CERF OFA MF1538F24F OFEL CERF L Monroe Monarch's Gypsy Rose Lea , CGC, TDI Kodiak Of Sir Grizzleys Nageea's Cheyenne Of Monroe L Monroe 3/6/1994 brindle 11/97OFA MF2179F24F OFEL CERF OFP CERF OFA MF2062G40F CERF L Monroe Ch. Brookside Goliath Greenbrier's Lady Of The Mist G Kelly 2/4/1994 brindle 4/97OFA MF2970F48M OFA MF1769F27F C Trisdale Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/97 thru 6/97 Name/ Birth Date, Color Sire Dam Owner/ Breeder Monarch's Masked Marauder Monarch's Black Sun Rising Silver's Wispering Wind C Huff 11/9/1995 brindle 5/97OFA MF3402G29M OFEL OFA MF2297G24M CERF OFA MF1865G26F OFEL CERF L Monroe Monumental Misty Ch. Greco's Majestik's Murphy Monumental Kizmet Of Wet Mtn R Samide 8/4/1995 brindle 5/97 OFA MF1822G24M CERF L O'neil Ch.

Lionsire Rose Bay Lion Cider Mill Grace M Wolf 9/24/1995 brindle 2/97 M Wolf Cider Mill Josie Ch. Deer Run Battle Tank Willows Dollface Of Mellabee C Hahne 5/4/1994 fawn 1/97OFA MF2283F25F CERF OFA MF1583F42M OFA MF2541G58F J Calamito Mellissa Pomeroy No More Stedman My Man Ms Buckley Soo S Pomeroy 11/21/1995 apricot 5/97 T Pedersen Menagerie's Dream On CC Menagerie Bull Again OK Menagerie's Last Chancie S Rupp 1/8/1995 fawn 4/97 OFA MF1783F57M S Rupp Meridith's Goliath Bubba I Silver Galant Rosa Lea Sigg K Meredith 1/11/1995 fawn 4/97 D Sigg Merlens Mystical Hillbilly Millwood's Mystical Merlen Deer Run Mandee J D'Andrea 3/8/1990 fawn 2/97 R Wiest Merlin Of Mega Surbition Malcolms For U Blue Jimmie's Sure Cash R Baney 10/5/1996 brindle 12/97OFA MF3281G24M CERF OFA MF1417F30M CERF J Harris Merrily We Roll Along Bosnak's Mount Shavano Sheba The Shy One D Loe 7/4/1994 fawn 2/97 K Richter Merrymug Wesberry Dixie Ch. Meza's Memphis Belle A Meza 11/26/1994 fawn 5/97OFA MF2469G24M CERF OFA MF1173G34M OFEL CERF OFA MF1371G26F A Meza MGM Silver Hills Falcor Ch. Royaloak MGM Tamara By TJ R Babel 11/30/1991 apricot 3/97 OFA MF959F53M M Mc Donald Michael Vaughan's Hercules Namous Apple Chutney Masnou Ribbons And Lace E Vaughan 9/3/1994 brindle 3/97 M Shelton Ch. Greiner Hall Aramis DJ's Ginger Lynn D Duclo 1/9/1995 apricot 12/97 CERF D Duclo Am. Moonshine Maeve Of Rohirrim , CGC Beckhams Sir Morgan Mulcher Von Roth's Teddy Bear B Noe 6/13/1992 fawn 4/97OFA MF1891F30F CERF D Beckham Moonstone's Teddi Bare Ch.

Beauregard Greco's Mc Arthur Greco's Falmore Bonner Greco's Hollesley Patches T Mc Arthur 9/1/1993 brindle 11/97OFA MF2080F27M T Mc Arthur Beer-Sheba Queen Of Harts Ch. Storm Hammer Of Royal Oak Cannon Lady Morgana G Lowe 3/12/1994 fawn 1/97 OFA MF1245F27M OFEL P Woodward Cantu Kaliga Ch. Southports Comstock Velvet C Tobin 2/20/1995 apricot 4/97OFA MF3068G37F OFEL CERF OFA MF103G26M OFA MF981G24F C Tobin Cook's Legacy Of Troy Headley's Alaskan Trooper Mtn Oaks Princess Anastasia L Cook 2/13/1995 fawn 2/97 OFA MF2200F38M OFEL S Cook Copenhaver's Sampson Gus Gus Of Agricola Honey Creek Gretchin J Copenhaven 5/29/1996 fawn 12/97 H Miller Countess Of Bigfoot Brozier Gene The Bruiser Nevel's Feisty Fergie O Carr 10/25/1994 brindle 6/97 OFA MF1736G31M G Nevels Country Resorts Golden Luann Golden Hills Rocky Black Mask Villa Sturla's Vixie P Mettrick 1/26/1993 fawn 10/94&6/97OFA MF2482G45F OFEL OFA MF2627F82M OFEL CERF D Hill Country Resorts Sophie Lamancha Chevy The Great Ava Blonde P Mettrick 6/13/1992 brindle 5/97 G Davis Cowboy Troy Out Of Dallas Saber Duke Pigg Horsley Meadowrun Dickens Dallas K Cummings 11/25/1995 fawn 4/97 C Wilson Creekview's Nana Am. 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Dream Weaver's Ms Abigail , CGC CC Menagerie Bull Again OK Menagerie's Little Sister G Marschak 1/4/1995 12/97OFA MF2501E24F OFEL CERF OFA MF1783F57M S Rupp Duchess Marie Of Rush Creek Oak Lair Bodacious Beaufort Messmer's Maggie May J Huffer 8/4/1992 fawn 3/97 J Messmer Ch. Lionsire Grizz Dujon's Dinah A Dujon 1/5/1994 fawn 12/97OFA MF2641E38F OFA MF1598E90M OFA MF1871G46F A Dujon Duke Archibold Of Rush Creek Titan Knoll's Bulldozer My Girl Mattie K Hook 8/13/1994 brindle 3/97 M Craig Duke Duggie The Terrible Tank Pumper Southside Sally T Kerby 11/18/1995 brindle 2/97 R Smith Duke Sir Lavine Ambrose Wilker Amber Wilker K And A B Lavine 5/4/1994 fawn 11/97 R Wilker Duncan Mc Gregor Of Montgomery Mr Hank Turner Of Savoy Hooches Of Savoy G Warren 1/29/1996 apricot 6/97 B Walker Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/97 thru 6/97 Name/ Birth Date, Color Sire Dam Owner/ Breeder Eastland's Fawn Athena Ch. Lionsire Grizz Nanjemoy's Cleopatra P George 5/28/1991 fawn 1/97OFA MF2109G54F OFA MF1598E90M M Redman Lionsire Gars Cassius Of Champaig Ch. Matts Joshua Of Dogwood Knoll Lionsire Yakkidy Yak D Tribby 12/18/1991 brindle 5/97 D Tribby Lionsire Ironclad Guarantee Ch. Brite Star's Lionsire Addition 11/4/1993 fawn 3/97OFP D Tribby Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle Lionsire Midnight Mischief D Tribby 5/17/1995 fawn 5/97 OFA MF2046GM D Tribby Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/97 thru 6/97 Name/ Birth Date, Color Sire Dam Owner/ Breeder Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle Lionsire Midnight Mischief A Dujon 5/17/1995 fawn 12/97 OFA MF2046GM D Tribby Am. Golden Hills Sir Wellington Golden Hills Fantasia J Echevarria 12/18/1994 fawn 2/97 D Hill Lord Nicholas Jeneli Pruneda Royal Guard's Golden Saxon Royal Guard's Meryl Streep J Pruneda 1/10/1994 fawn 12/97 A Brown Lovely Lady Lakisha Tigger Tiger Russells Knoll Spats Of Russells Knoll M Decker 3/16/1993 brindle 11/97 G Russell Lowes Alexandria Michaels Of Boo Boomer's Jazzmann M Lowe 7/2/1991 fawn 1/97 D Burgess Lucky Lady Of Sir Grizzleys Clydesdale Of Sir Grizzley's Moxie Of Sir Grizzleys M Walukevich 5/11/1994 fawn 11/97 R Kracich Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/97 thru 6/97 Name/ Birth Date, Color Sire Dam Owner/ Breeder Lucky Lady Seven Bubba Boy Lacy Kayla Nephratiri P Watts 7/1/1995 fawn 11/97 T Crittenden Ch. Fantasy's Legend Of Drago Tejas Osiris's Golden Girl L Jenlink 7/25/1995 fawn 11/97OFA MF2943F30F B Plante Lursa Betor Tank Pumper Lady Duchess Of Dobbs L Hackett 5/12/1996 apricot 11/97 H James Lzyb Sir Hercules Ironhorse Lasarus Lazy B Magnolia Louise M Decker 12/5/1994 fawn 11/97 M Boden M'Lady Deira Of Wheeless Tank Pumper Southside Sally J Gibson 11/18/1995 apricot 6/97 R Smith Madea Dee Roppel Red Oak's Rambo Prema Donna Leo L Roppel 7/6/1991 apricot 11/97 M Nease Madeleine De Malmaison Zeus's Son Apollo Lady Madeline Claire C Huff 12/2/1994 fawn 5/97OFP OFEL Prelim CERF B Crow Madison's Magic Marcy Petes Little Goliath Evergreen Misty Lady J Mayne 1/24/1993 fawn 1/97 P Box Madison Of Converse County Majestiks Lord Sentry Princess Jasmine Jewels J Green 12/8/1995 fawn 3/97 A Williams Mag Of Orcutts Big Vin Hoof Lake Farms Jewels Lady Magatha Of Laurel Ledge W Carroll-Jr 2/28/1994 fawn 3/97 D Descalzie Maid Marion's Noble Knight Silver's Noble Tradition Crown Valley's Maid Marion D Brasier 11/15/1995 fawn 12/97 OFA MF1781G26F OFEL D Albacherli Majestic Apricot Lady Bear Bo Bridges Misti Peaches Diane L Hartson 6/3/1995 apricot 5/97 OFA MF2280G54M OFA MF1685F54F J Weisenberger Majesty Mates Moonshadow Mis Flac Canadian Pirate MQH Majesty Mates Lady Anne S Jastorff 5/2/1993 brindle 3/97 S Jastorff M And M Big Baby Bear Sir Winston Churchhill Lee Winstons Shadow In The Night G Boutte 6/9/1994 brindle 5/97 C Lee Ch. Mastiff Cove's Raging Bull Meriwether's Sugarplum V MCove W Ferguson 9/2/1995 apricot 4/97 D Burdette Matics Miss Peebles Storm Gruffudd Of Royal Oak Ch.

Well, not really about the washing machine, but I wish. " "Yes." Something something, "brain" something something "crafting" something "Braincraft. I think between his fever, being up all night, and it being rainy and gray, he had no concept of time anymore.

Before he left Big Kid said, "I want to hug you, but I can't risk it," and little kid nodded solemnly in understanding.

Blacknights O'Sch Firecracker Blacknights Tara Of Brandybuc L Knight 2/13/1994 apricot 12/97 CERF L Knight Black Pines Toby Black Pines Augustus Diablo's Kala Of Black Pines V Roberts 8/5/1995 fawn 11/97 V Roberts Blacksheep's Ruger Blackhawk Ch. Moonstone's Coaltraine Windy Mts Leading Lady D Shook 11/16/1992 brindle 5/97OFA MF2023E34M OFEL OFA MF1357G28M D Shook Bobo Lil' Dancy Hidden Acres Chain Hidden Acres Winning Colors S Dancy 3/12/1990 apricot 1/97 C Thompson Ch. Groppetti Party Crasher Groppetti Lola D Warfield 11/3/1993 apricot 5/97OFA MF2358F34F D Warfield Groppetti IV Ch. Iron Hills Fixin To Start M Drake 11/19/1994 fawn 6/97 OFA MF2276F41F P Phoebus Ch. Meriwether's Handsome Haden Whitt's Misty Dawn M Kauffman 2/14/1995 fawn 3/97OFA MF3331G44F OFA MF1262F25M P Whitt Keller's Baron Beau Pevler's Lord Butkus Pevler's Good Luck Charm D Ruffner 12/1/1988 fawn 6/97 M Pevler Kelly's Chazzi Chaz Triple D Pryor Caesar Triple D Shifra Sheba C Kelly-Jr 1/4/1996 fawn 2/97 D Deterding Kelly's Conan Of Chaz Sir Yogi Of Paradise Bluff MS Muffin Of Paradise Bluff C Kelly-Jr 2/11/1995 fawn 2/97 S Cochran Khaki Rose Of Mystic Mtn Lord Benjamin Of Deer Creek Princess Rebecca Of Deercreek S Pike 6/17/1995 fawn 3/97 J Jaquay King's Miss Molly Sir Grizzley's Bubba Bear Egyptian Queen Cleopatra K King 6/2/1995 fawn 11/97 E Roznowski King Brutus The Intimidator MQH Noble King Of The Rock Princess Dineh Of Jeddito K Gill 3/19/1993 brindle 4/97OFA MF2053E29M C Bex King George's Murphy Brown Nautilus Guard's Abidjan Lady Alice Of Lohmeier Estate G Mello 11/26/1995 apricot 11/97 G Drummond King George's Thunder Of Thor Cactus Flower Thor Lady Amanda Of Sir Grizzleys G Mello 7/1/1994 fawn 11/97 C Ainsworth Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/97 thru 6/97 Name/ Birth Date, Color Sire Dam Owner/ Breeder King Midas Winfield O'Carney Alano Southwind's Sir Winston Southwinds Little Gypsyqueen D Carney 7/30/1994 fawn 3/97 J Sanburn Kingmont's Honey Porter Ch. Busters Solo Legacy , CD N Manceau 7/25/1994 apricot 3/97OFA MF2395G25F OFEL OFA MF1985G30M OFEL CERF OFA MF1701G24F R Leyes Kings Priscilla Sue Bndit Dunnagan Daisy Mae Dunnagan D King 12/17/1994 fawn 2/97 P Dunnegan King Symba Hurley Brooklines Monarch Of Medina Reggie's Radical Regina N Hurley 11/11/1994 fawn 1/97 E Mikus Kiokee Legend Of The Fall Int. Burns Hall Zekeial Cleopatra Queen Of The Nile A Maxson 12/26/1994 apricot 11/97OFA MF2556E25F OFA MF1002G28M B Moran Lady Gwinaver Of Dawson General Charles Watson Stacy Star Collinsworth C Collinsworth 4/10/1996 apricot 6/97 C Collinsworth Lady Hagen Of Woodward Awesome Spartacus Of Harper Sadie May Olds S Farley 8/4/1995 fawn 6/97 K Olds Lady Josie Jack Daniels O'Kelly Rose Chablis O'Kelly N Steffensmeie 9/4/1995 apricot 5/97 A Aukes Lady Key Diver Of Marathon Ch.

Blackhaven's Belasarius Blackhaven's Sable Of Waymar J Roach 5/31/1993 fawn 3/97 W Campbell Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/97 thru 6/97 Name/ Birth Date, Color Sire Dam Owner/ Breeder Blacknights O Ophelia Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle Lionsire Lola Of Audley D Wileman 7/27/1996 brindle 12/97 OFA MF2046GM N Spiller Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle Groppetti Tug Boat Annie D Einbender 8/3/1995 fawn 12/97 OFA MF2046GM OFA MF2040E35F D Warfield Ch. Deer Run Lido Genghis Cohen No More Sweet As Honey D Einbender 7/3/1993 fawn 12/97OFA MF2597F44M S Warfield Groppetti It's My Party Ch. Storm Hammer Of Royal Oak JGs Jane Jordan A Schroeder 1/27/1995 fawn 12/97OFA MF2898F34F OFA MF1245F27M OFEL OFA MF1916E26F OFEL CERF G Jordan Joshua Sir Griz Of Waterland Sir Grizzley's Sir Romeo Coburngore Courtney S Waterbury 6/20/1992 fawn 1/97 A Aharonov Ju-Ty's Charmed Peachschnaps Ch. Lady Jennifer Of Hanover J Sutton 5/25/1994 apricot 11/97 OFA MF1949G26M CERF T Ahrens Ju-Ty's Thunder N Lightning Groppetti Mugs Of Green Acres Groppetti Stouts Angel J Sutton 2/7/1996 fawn 4/97 J Stout Ju-Ty's Vanilla Wafer Greco's Falmore Bonner Hattie D White K Ulrich 7/13/1994 fawn 4/97 R White Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/97 thru 6/97 Name/ Birth Date, Color Sire Dam Owner/ Breeder Jubilee's Eve The Mother O'Brien's Sir Winston O'Brien's Misty River D Sabin 4/10/1996 fawn 11/97 L O'Brien Jubilee's Moses The Lawgiver Big Boy II Weaver's Heidi II D Sabin 6/20/1996 fawn 11/97 S Weaver Julia's Mary Jane Sillar's Tanker Of Paragen Samantha Joe Of Perigen B Green 5/17/1994 fawn 5/97 CERF B Green Julius Caesar Of Teakwood Foxfire's Thunder Mountain Hannah Roseannadana G Schultz 7/25/1994 fawn 2/97 J Calcamp Just Em's Crown Valley Tiger Cluny's Zac Crown Valley Crown Valley's Beats Workin M Cardinal 1/10/1996 brindle 12/97 OFA MF2603G27M D Albacherli Ch. Old School Sergeant Major Justinlove My Sweet Abigail P Lenahan 1/12/1993 brindle 3/97OFA MF1830G25F OFEL CERF OFA MF712G35M- P Lenahan Kato KK's Gentle Giant Max Queens Golden Tiarra H Hall 7/23/1993 fawn 3/97 G Shinkaruk Kauffman's Mastiff Mega Ch. Von Dinkels Detail Destiny Speichers Empress Macedonia M Pell 8/30/1994 brindle 3/97OFEL CERF OFA MF1229G24M CERF OFA MF1507E35F B Speicher Lady Brittany Of Rockriver Zeus's Son Apollo Gannaway's Lady Dawn S Vasquez 12/12/1995 fawn 11/97 OFA MF1965G38F J Crow Lady Cheyenne Autumn JR's Augie Dawgie Lady Tiger Of Deer Run Ranch S Smith 7/26/1995 brindle 2/97 D Morrison Lady Gwenevere Of Brymor Ch.

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Night Stalker Sillars Clyde Lionsire Champaingn Ellsa B Stamm 12/30/1994 fawn 5/97OFA MF2596G26F OFA MF1529G24M CERF D Crane Bilbett's Moonshine Maggie Lord Boler Of Duncan Lady Dixie Of Duncan W Davis 5/8/1995 brindle 3/97 G Duncan Bintliff's Lord Gabriel Baby's Big Boy Bluto Misty Valleys Secret D Stell 3/19/1995 apricot 11/97 J Crawford BJ's Absolute Apollo Creed Thorton Buckwheat Of Bufred Rhea Prancer B Poush 10/27/1990 fawn 4/97OFA MF1422G34M OFA MF855G59M OFA MF1054F58F E Robb Blackhaven's Dalton Ch. His Majesty's Adam Ben Judah , CGC Wingate's Rhoads To Destiny D Kruse 7/10/1995 fawn 2/97OFA MF2781G25M OFA MF2410F26M OFEL CERF OFA MF1800F27F OFEL B Rhoads Gator Greco Desherow Bear Greco Kruse Baby Greco Kruse C Kapetanakis 12/28/1993 brindle 4/97 OFA MF1676G24M D Kruse Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle Groppetti Phoenix D Warfield 7/20/1995 fawn 2/97 OFA MF2046GM D Warfield Groppetti Daughlton Of Audly Ch. Lionsire Iron Hills Bollo Life Felony Of Eastland E Jordan 8/6/1993 apricot 1/97OFA MF2587G43F OFA MF711G32M- D Smith Jordans Lionsire Big Bear Ch. Lionsire Jodi Jordan L Dupree 1/3/1994 brindle 1/97 OFA MF1598E90M OFA MF1280G29F G Jordan Jordans Luna Llena Ch. Banyon's Starhaven Porter Buzzsaw's Big Mama T Hite 12/3/1995 fawn 6/97 E Kleppinger Kuumba Mela Apple Creeks Bogie Treotku Layz's Keala Kokua S Huber 10/29/1994 apricot 11/97 OFA MF3302G79F J Zwart Lacey Magdelene Carson Jordan Gar Of Ki Duchess Kourtney Of Ki J Carson 11/29/1993 fawn 2/97 H Bagwell Ladee Kadiya Oak Lair Bodacious Beaufort Messmer's Maggie May S Dee 7/3/1994 fawn 3/97 J Messmer Lady Abigail Jeneli Pruneda Martins Maximillian Magnum Samantha's Apricot Summer J Pruneda 12/14/1995 fawn 12/97 R Martin Ladyana Vidal Zeus's Son Apollo Miss Lady Priss N Vidal 11/3/1995 fawn 3/97 B Crow Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/97 thru 6/97 Name/ Birth Date, Color Sire Dam Owner/ Breeder Lady Brazen Belle Barbs Big Boy Bo Bo Furbis SK Mira D Thompson 4/19/1996 fawn 12/97 J Stinson Lady Bristol Bailey Ch.

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